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Even 1 day out bankruptcy we have loan programs that can help you purchase a property or refinance an existing mortgage, even with no money down!
Solutions to Credit Problems
Credit Problems? BuyahomeAfterBk.com has a credit builder section that shows you how to get the credit scores you need to qualify for your next mortgage. Complete the application today and a mortgage consultant will give you access.
We don't say no!
Can't get qualified ? If we can't get you approved today, we will show you how with our FREE Online Course that shows you how to build new credit and learn about the mortgage process.
Past Clients
Loren S. - Alabama
"After speaking with my consultant, I was able to purchase a $250,000 property with no money down and only 8 months out of my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I am only paying $176 more than I was when I was renting!"
Jeffrey E. - New Jersey
"I was in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, 6 months behind on my mortgage, and going into foreclosure. I was able to refinance and payoff my bankruptcy, get current on my mortgage, and still have a lower monthly payment."
Gale H. - Ohio
"When I first spoke with the my consultant, I had a 513 middle credit score. After using their Credit Builder Program, I got my score to a 613 in 3 months and got 100% financing for a $135,000 property."
Yuri M. - California
"I thought buying a home was hopeless. But after talking with my consultant using the Credit Builder Program, i got some outstanding liens and collections cleared off of my credit repair with the help of a company he recommended. If I had not cleared off those inaccuracies in my credit report, I never would have been able to purchase a property and my score would have stayed very low."
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